About JISO

The Jewelry Insurance Standards Organization is a non-profit organization established to serve the insurance industry by maintaining the integrity of jewelry insurance standards. JISO functions as an insurance industry trust, a resource from which insurance professionals can obtain, without cost, jewelry insurance forms, standards, and related information.

JISO aims to benefit everyone involved in the insurance process—insurers, underwriters, adjusters, agents and their clients, the consumers who insure their jewelry.

JISO publishes standardized jewelry appraisal forms developed by David W. Hendry, Jr., of JCRS Inland Marine Solutions, Inc., with which JISO is affiliated. These forms have been used within the insurance industry for several years and were formerly licensed and distributed by ACORD. They are now available free of charge to all insurance professionals through JISO.

JISO promotes resources for agents, underwriters and adjusters to make insuring jewelry a smoother and more efficient process. These resources include reference materials, jewelry information workshops for insurance professionals, and a specialized training program for qualified jewelers to become Certified Insurance Appraisers™, who can prepare jewelry appraisals to insurance industry standards.

JISO supports policyholders in understanding how jewelry is valued and insured, emphasizing the role of the appraisal in insuring jewelry and settling claims. We advocate and promote a detailed appraisal as the owner’s record of the jewelry’s quality and his assurance of a satisfactory claim settlement.