JISO Jewelry Insurance Forms

Most people who purchase fine jewelry also purchase insurance. To properly insure an item of jewelry, an appraisal (or other documentation) typically accompanies the policy application. In turn, insurers use that information for making various determinations about the insurance coverage offered.

Historically, and to a larger extent in recent years, many jewelry appraisals (if and when provided) have been notoriously inaccurate, incomplete, and inflated, resulting in three distinct concerns: 1) over-insuring the item of jewelry, which means 2) the insured ends up paying more for insurance than necessary, which can also mean that 3) the company overpays the jewelry settlement if a loss occurs and a claim is filed.

In 1997 the insurance industry adopted a jewelry insurance standard which included several forms that facilitate the collection and use of standardized jewelry information for making insurance determinations

JISO makes these forms available without charge to insurance professionals as well as Certified Insurance Appraisers™ and jewelers.